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We Specialize in monster catfish gear and tackle for the serious tournament fisherman or the weekend angler. Catfishing is what we do best, its our business and our passion.

We carry a large selection of catfish tackle, surf tackle including rods, reels, hooks, line, lures and more. We also offer a large selection of reel drags, reel handles, reel parts, power handle, reel bearings and upgrade parts for Abu Garcia, Shimano, Penn, Daiwa and Penn reels.

Marine Metal Bubble Box B-11 Air Pump Hi Seas Black Widow Line, 3-Color Camo, 50 lb Test, 375 Yard Spool Penn Bluewater Carnage CARBW1530S70 Boat Spinning Rod
Marine Metal Fish Saver FS-4 Aerator Hi Seas Black Widow Line, 3-Color Camo, 30 lb Test, 600 Yard Spool Abu Garcia Ambassadeur AMBSTX-6600 Reel
Marine Metal Bubbles B-3 Air Pump Shimano Ultegra ULT10000XSC Surf Spinning Reel Magic Aerobait 5 Gallon Bait Saver Aerated Bucket
Marine Metal Bubbles Air Pump
Our Price: $22.99

Magic Worm Ranch, 14 x 20 x 7 Inches Ardent Reel Guard Corrosion Inhibitor, 16 oz Abu Garcia 7000/7500 Carbontex Drag Washers, Set Of 4
Boone Fast Feat Bucket Board, 9 x 20 Inches Calcutta Hook Removers, 9-1/2 Inch Bass Pro Rubber Bobber/Sinker Stops, 45 Per Pack
Water Gremlin Low Profile Slip Sinkers, 1/2 oz, 7 Per Pack Owner 5114-171 Mutu Light Hooks, Black Chrome, 7/0 Hooks, 3 Per Pack Cal's Reel & Star Drag Grease